How to Create Own Payment Gateway in Bangladesh

Ariful Islam
3 min readSep 26, 2023

Bangladesh is growing and based on increasing demand, internet users are rapidly growning. A lot of websites, applications are coming to market. These websites/applications sometimes sell product, service or customer has to buy subscription.

Getting customer’s payment using their banking credit/debit card, mfs(mobile financial service), wallet is not easy all the time. Because no website or application can’t force his customers to pay using fixed payment method. If so, customes may become not interested to get service from website. That’s why a payment gateway appears to solved this major problem.

If anyone want to create a payment gateway same as SSLCommerz, Aamarpay, Walletmix, Surjopay then its needed to have permission from Bangladesh Bank authority. Bangladesh Bank gives permission based on rules and regulations “Bangladesh Payment And Settlement Systems Regulations‐2014”;

After getting PSO(Payment System Operator) its time to integrate all other payment services into the system.

  1. MFS(Mobile Financial Service): bkash, Nagad, Ucash, Upay, Mcash, Surecash
  2. Card Payment: Visa, MasterCard, Nexus, American Express, UnionPay
  3. Wallet: Dmoney, iPay, oKwallet
  4. Internet Banking: Dbbl Internet Banking, Brac Internet Banking, City Bank Internet Banking, Islamic Banking Ibanking etc.


Starting a payment gateway business is not an easy task at all. Because to ensure 100% satisfactiont in merchants level it’s required to ensure below criterias

  1. 100% security in server level so that customer’s payment data remain safe and no one can hack it
  2. Send real time notification to merchant and also customer using email, push notification or sms alert
  3. For managing a lot of requests from merchants a large server as well as infrastructur is needed so that no customer get error while payment using their payment respective methods
  4. As here we are dealing with serveral things so budget is huge issue. That’s why starting a payment gateway business always requires big capital and investment
  5. Currently in Bangladeshi market a lot of existing PSO companies are giving service for a long time and they are having most of the market share. From that place it’s hard to migrate customers to new payment gateway system
  6. Keeping customer’s trust is always important. Because customer will pay using payment gateway that means they will must ensure whether it is secure or not

Way of Giving Service:

As we’ve got PSO(Payment System Operator) license now we can give services to customers using website or mobile application. Payment gateway should provide all facilities so that developers can easily integrate it to different systems built with different languages such as, PHP, NodeJs, Python, Java, Flutter, NodeJs, Ruby and so on.

Payment gateway should provide sandbox environement, SDK or library for easy integration. The most important thing is that documentation. Providing good documention is always required. This will reduce unwanted phone call to customer service or technical support.

Hope that, you’ve understood the basic concept starting a payment gateway business in Bangladesh. If you think this helps you, then follow me and share this link with your business partner.


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